The Bible Campaign

Lead graphic designer on The Bible campaign, including tabloid brochure mailer, email and landing page. This tabloid brochure mailer lead to 16% pre-publication sales.



Daily Reflections Campaign

Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas is an annual prayer and reflection book. As the lead graphic designer for the Daily Reflections annual campaign I brainstormed design ideas, working with a copy writer, to work with email, web banners, and a direct mail piece. The direct mail piece, including a free sample of the book along with a postcard in a clear envelope, contributed to a sold-out product and increase in revenue for multiple years.



Alive in the Word

Lead graphic designer on Alive in the Word website, email, and logo design.



Living Liturgy Campaign

Lead graphic designer on the Living Liturgy relaunch campaign, including a brochure mailer and Google ads.



Wisdom Commentary

Lead graphic designer on the Wisdom Commentary website, email, and booklet.



Prowlers Logo Design

The Prowlers are a local roller derby team. Using pen and markers I created the Prowlers logo on paper, which I then traced in Illustrator.



Hatched by Megan Wagner

Owner of Hatched by Megan Wagner. As I have a passion for crocheting, I developed Hatched by Megan Wagner as a side project of my own. I created my own logo, business cards, blog, and a Facebook page.



Foley High School Sports Posters

Freelance graphic designer for high school sports poster design in collaboration with photography by MG Photography.



Poster Design

Poster design contest for American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota. Poster concept created with photographing non-conventional materials including tulle and rope to create the glass and beer. Photograph then altered using filters and color to create poster.