Logo Design Story – Stichnhope Crochet

Something that I have come across numerous times in the crochet related Facebook groups, that I am in, is a crocheter or crochet designer looking for a logo design. What could be better for me than to blend my graphic design talents and my passion for crochet to help out my crochet friends? And so this logo story begins. . .

Stitchnhope Crochet reached out to me to create a logo for her crochet business. We emailed back and forth and she answered my list of questions about her crochet business. She told me that crochet is like a therapy for her (as it is for many other crocheters too) and she taught herself how to crochet by watching YouTube videos. I loved her story and her vision she had for her logo design. And with that I created her a new logo design! The crochet hooks were incorporated into the anchor, a symbol of hope, something that she wanted to represent her continuation of crocheting for therapy and also tied in the rainbow (another symbol of hope) ball of yarn.


Stichnhope Crochet Logo Design

If you or anyone you may know are looking for a logo design or already have a logo design and would like business cards, tags, etc. please message me. I will determine if it is a good fit for my design services. Thanks!


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