Logo Design for Crocheters – Part One

Crochet Logo Design

Photo credit: Pixabay

Let’s talk about your small business or hobby crochet names and logo design!

When to decide to create a name or logo for you crochet work

Starting from the beginning, at some point crocheters may think about including their name and/or logo on the items that they are making. Whether you have started a small business or you decide to only crochet as a hobby including a name or logo on your work gives you the credit you deserve. After all you put a lot of work into it so take some credit!

Example: For me the time came when I was crocheting many gifts for friends and family. I decided that I would like for my name to travel with those items that I made.

Take some time to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How important is it, to you, to include your name and/or logo on the items you make?
  2. Do you need to hire a freelance graphic designer or can you make the logo yourself? Remember a logo can be as simple as text only.
  3. If you are using the name and logo for business purposes you will want to do some further research before you finalize that name or logo. Research website domains (if you are planning to make a website), social media pages, competitors, registering a business name, etc. These may have an influence on your name and logo.

Stay tuned! The next blog post will be on Creating a Logo Design for Crocheters.



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